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Web Development Company Singaporeabout CreativEdge

CreativEdge LLP is a youthful print design & interactive solutions company based in Singapore. We bring a fresh outlook and complete solutions to market your brand or products to your audience.

Print design
We offer design solutions for: logo and identity creation, print marketing collateral, signs and billboards, trade show displays.

Web Solutions
We provide all stages of website development: domain name registration, hosting, layout design, search engine optimization, content updates and re-design to spruce up your existing web presence.

Social Media / iPhone app development
We develop and support Facebook apps development, game apps, iPhone apps development.
Check out our other talent at www.mashroom.sg

Online Web Banners
We support agencies and users with their digital banner creation. We assist them in designing, execution, testing and also serving them to the media owners. Time is rather short for such work and we strive to meet the deadlines. Your satisfaction is our reputation.



The Team

Trust and credibility is important. Get in touch with the people who will be handling your projects. *size not drawn to scale :-P

Mabel Loo
Mabel Loo
Sales Director
Likes Lazing, eating, gambling, TV, golf
Hates Grouchy faces, inconsiderate people, JOGGING
Email mabel@creativedge.com.sg or
Mobile +65 9118 7105
did you know
Mabel majored in Mechanical Engineering.
Ashley Wong
Ashley Wong
Creative Director
Likes Watches, shoes, clothes, music, golf, the sun and the sea
Hates Food that are green in colour. Yikes!

ashley@creativedge.com.sg or

Mobile +65 9682 8471
did you know
Ashley offroads and is part of an offroading community in Singapore.
Prince Vasquez
Web Developer
Likes German Shepherd Dog, Metallica, fast cars, chocolate.
Hates Roaches and other creepy crawlers, wet market, diet.
Email prince@mashroom.sg
did you know
Prince used to be a band guitarist and a wedding photographer and videographer.
Rex Hoang
Web Developer
Likes Tall girls , preferably PRC. Girls in relationship.
Hates Is there anything or anyone that I should hate?
Email rex@creativedge.com.sg
did you know
Rex loves Interns.
Putra Nursallihin
Senior Designer
Likes Hiphop music, gym, doodling & good food.
Hates Butterflies
Email putra@creativedge.com.sg
did you know
Putra is part of an hiphop collective and has been rapping since 2002
Antonio Lee
Likes Movies, beer, travelling, backpacking and daydreaming.
Hates Anything fishy
Email antonio@creativedge.com.sg
did you know
Antonio needs to travel once a month to feel alive
Mohammed Nashir
Likes Drawing, going to the museums, gaming, long bus rides & listening to music.
Hates Flying cockroaches & lizards
Email nashir@creativedge.com.sg
did you know
Nashir previously studied in a Biochemical Technology course before taking up his Diploma in Laselle
Pikachu aka 'Chu Chu'
Chu Chu
Office Pet otherwise known to the team as "Da Boss"
Likes Eat, sleep and bite
Hates Other animals and taking a bath
Email feedMe@creativedge.com.sg (just kidding)
did you know
Chu Chu has a saggy belly.

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